A New Dream Born Prologue

Fifteen years after Catherine's death...
 Fifteen years have passed and I still miss Catherine terribly.  Part of me longs to be with her, and the rest of me is happy to be with our son, Jacob.   At a young age he was so eager to learn of his mother.  He still has so many questions and I don’t know how to answer them all.  The only thing I know to do is to let him know how beautiful, and gentle and kind Catherine was.  I have felt for a while that he is beginning to blame himself for her death.  He has said many times that he should never have been born, and maybe Catherine would still be alive and we would be together.  I have told him not to think that way, because he was created from our love and that she would not like to see him hurt so badly.  It hurts me as well because I know that we share the same powerful bond that Catherine and I shared.  I cannot hide my feelings from him no more than he can hide his from me.  I can feel his anguish and sadness and it breaks my heart.  I feel almost selfish from time to time because I miss her so.  I at least had Catherine in my life.  And even if it was for just a short while, it was more than our son got to experience.

As Vincent wrote in his journal, Jacob came walking into his chamber.
     “Hey, Dad.  Grandpa said to tell you that dinner is ready.”  He said.  Vincent smiled at his teenage son.  Jacob had the same blue eyes that he did and the same golden hair, but he definitely had his mother’s personality. “Alright, tell him I will be there in a moment.”  Vincent said, closing his journal and putting his pen in the inkwell on his desk.  Jacob left the chamber to relay the message to his grandfather.  Vincent sighed when he was gone.  He often worried that Jacob would get angry at him and ask, “Why did you let Mom die?” 
He did not know how he would handle it.
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