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A New Dream Born Heroine and Plot

When young Meadow Logan finds herself on the run after staging her own kidnapping and murder, she is still frightened that her abusive husband, Randy will discover her secret and come after her. She takes the subway late one night, and goes to Manhattan, knowing that Randy knows her love of the countryside and would never look for her in the city. Consequently, she is attacked as she gets off the train and a hooded figure, Vincent, leaps to her rescue. As Meadow sees his face she faints, and Vincent carries her back to the tunnels to revive her. When she awakens she at first is frightened but Vincent assures her he means no harm. He asks her what she was doing in the subway that late at night and alone. Meadow is hesitant to tell her story until Vincent explains to her that he would not be able to tell anyone, and then she tells her horrifying tale. From that night forward, a friendship builds and Vincent is reluctant to acknowledge that there is something more. His loyalty to Catherine is too strong, until his son Jacob convinces him that Catherine would want him to be happy. Vincent allows himself to cave in and rushes to tell Meadow how he feels, but it is too late. Meadow's husband has discovered her secret. As Vincent climbs to her apartment he discovers it empty and ransacked. He senses danger for her, the same bond that he and Catherine shared. He must use it to track her down and save her from the dark wrath of her husband.
Meadow Logan
Abused young woman that fakes her death and escapes to Manhattan.

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